(;GM[1]FF[4]CA[UTF-8]AP[CGoban:3]ST[2]RU[Chinese]SZ[19]KM[7.50]GN[ ]PW[Chen Yaoye]PB[Chol Cheolhan]WR[9d]BR[9d]DT[2011-08-31]EV[15th China Korea Tengen]WT[China]BT[Korea]SO[http://gogameguru.com/]C[Choi Cheolhan vs Chen Yaoye – 15th China Korea Tengen]RE[W+Resign]FG[259:]PM[2];B[qd]C[This is a commentary of the second game of the 15th Korea China Tengen, between Choi Cheolhan (9p) and Chen Yaoye (9p).];W[dc]C[Chen Yaoye won the first game.Choi Cheolhan is number 2 in Korea (as of August, 2011), but his results against Chen Yaoye are no good, somehow. ];B[dp]C[Choi really likes fighting, so he chooses a cross opening. ];W[pp]C[Chen is also good at fighting. However, his style of play is thick and solid. He waits for his opponent's invitation to battle.];B[ce];W[oc]LB[ed:A]C[A is also common for W. ];B[hc]LB[kc:B][ed:A]C[If W answers at A, B'd extend at B. ];W[cd];B[de];W[fc]C[W's corner is safer in this variation. ];B[dj]LB[ci:A]C[A is normal, but Choi extends further because...];W[kc];B[ge]LB[kc:A][dj:B]C[He expected W to play A, so he can play B13. As you can see, Stone B is placed perfectly. ];W[fq]C[The lower side is most urgent, to limit B's left side. ];B[dn];W[jp]C[W develops on the bottom, and the game's still even, ];B[hq]C[This is Choi's style. His nickname is 'venomous snake'.Back when Lee Changho was almost invincible, Choi defeated him a lot with his endless fighting style. At that time he gained that nickname, but he once said he doesn't care about such things at an interview. ];W[ho]LB[gp:A][cq:B]C[If B plays A, W can B.];B[eq]C[This move is worth remembering.](;W[pg]C[W doesn't answer on the lower side, but goes for a big place. Chen's opening in this game is gentle and cool.];B[pe];W[pj];B[nq]C[Right direction. ];W[oq];B[np];W[pn]LB[jp:A][oq:B]C[Good answer. When you have a stone around A, W's B and 26 are good combination.];B[jq];W[kq];B[kp]C[This move is typical of Choi's style; attach and cut. It's just his preference, so I can't say if it's good or bad.];W[iq];B[jr];W[jo]LB[lp:A][ir:B]C[Good move in this case.A & B are miai. ];B[lq];W[ir];B[kr];W[cl]C[It's extraordinary. W'd normally play one more move at the bottom, but Chen comes in here. W will be ahead on territory if he lives here without any trouble. ];B[dl](;W[cm]C[Right direction. ];B[dm];W[cj]C[Correct move. ](;B[ci];W[ck];B[bi]C[Better way for B to answer.];W[bp]C[W lives pretty easily, ];B[cp];W[bo];B[bq];W[bj]C[As W destroys B's left side, B has to attack W's lower group severely to catch up. ];B[hr]C[Good start. ];W[jl]C[When you're in trouble, jump towards the center! ];B[lm];W[kk]LB[mc:A][pl:B]C[There are some weak points in W's area, like A & B, but as W is light there, it's not easy for B to gain profit from them. ];B[lk];W[lj];B[jm]C[Choi specializes in this sort of uncertain battle. ];W[im];B[kl];W[jk];B[il]C[B cuts here somehow, but Chen doesn't seem to worry that much, as B's outside isn't solid enough. ];W[hm];B[ik];W[mk]C[It's painful for B. ](;B[km]C[Proper answer, but B wouldn't feel happy with this. ];W[gk];B[ij]LB[lk:A]C[W doesn't need to answer as B's A is in atari. ];W[fm]C[This W group hasn't got two eyes yet, but as it’s flexible, it’s not easy for B to attack.];B[gn]C[B has to keep going anyway. ];W[fn];B[go];W[gp];B[fo];W[gm];B[fp];W[hi]C[Counter attack! ];B[ih]LB[ii:A][ji:B][jj:C]C[Good sense. W can't come through and cut with A-C. ];W[dk];B[ek];W[ej]C[Chen is confident in this battle, so he plays boldly. ];B[fj];W[di]C[B will be in trouble if he can't gain anything from this battle.];B[fk];W[gj];B[fi];W[gi]LB[fh:A][ii:B]C[Sometimes empty triangle is good. It looks A and B are miai. ];B[if]C[Trying to defend efficiently.];W[gg];B[ed]LB[fe:A]C[This prevents W's A.];W[ii];B[kj];W[ll];B[jj]C[Good response! ];W[lk];B[kh]C[Good shape. ];W[jh](;B[kg]C[Right answer. ];W[mn]C[Nice timing. ](;B[mm]C[Choi doesn't like to play submissive moves. ];W[ln]C[Another fight has just begun. ];B[nl]LB[nm:B][nn:A]C[If B hane at A instead of B99, W'd cut at B. ];W[nm]LB[oj:B][nn:A]C[Brilliant move! If W extends at A instead, B'd attach at B. ];B[ml];W[nk];B[nn];W[om];B[ol];W[pl];B[kn]C[Only move for B, but B can't avoid the ko fight here. ];W[ko];B[lo];W[mo];B[mp]C[It's inevitable up to here. ];W[lp];B[ok];W[oj];B[lo];W[eo]C[B can't answer this ko threat as B doesn't have enough ko threats. ](;B[pk];W[qk];B[no];W[ep]LB[ec:C][mc:B][ql:A]C[W takes the lead in the game now, though W still has some weaknesses around A-C.];B[fr];W[hn];B[cn];W[bn];B[ql](;W[rl]C[Right answer.Sometimes, you'd better sacrifice your stones, especially when you're in the lead.];B[pm];W[qm];B[on];W[er]C[Sente.];B[qj];W[rk];B[dq];W[gr];B[dr];W[fs];B[dh]LB[fh:C][el:B][cr:A]C[If B doesn't play here, W'd play at A, and B & C would be miai next. ];W[qi]C[Very good move. W doesn't need to worry about this area anymore, and it helps the top as well.];B[qn];W[rm];B[po];W[qp]C[This corner is safe. Even though B takes so many of W's stones in this area, B is still hungry.];B[mc]C[Good time to come in. ];W[nd];B[ld];W[qb]C[W doesn't only run away, but attacks B's corner. ];B[qg]LB[pf:B][qf:A]C[If W hane at A, B'd cut at B. That'd be easy for B. ];W[pf];B[qf];W[oe]C[Proper response.];B[rb]C[B's corner looks alright, but ];W[mb]LB[rc:A]C[Good idea! W is aiming at A. ];B[nb]C[No other options for B. ];W[ob];B[lb];W[rc](;B[ec];W[eb];B[bd]LB[db:B][fb:A]C[Tesuji. If B cut at A instead, W'd answer at B and it'd be too easy for W. ];W[eh];B[ei];W[bc]C[Delicate sequence. ];B[cb];W[db];B[cc];W[dd];B[bb];W[ee](;B[ef]C[B can't save the two stones, and the it's getting hard for B to catch up. ]MA[ec][ed];W[fe];B[ff];W[fd];B[fh]LB[be:A][df:B]C[B has to go here. Otherwise W can still cut at A and B. ];W[gb]C[As you're seeing, Chen is very good at defense, and all W groups are safe now.];B[qc];W[ra];B[ph];W[ng];B[ro]C[B is aiming at some bad aji on the right side. ](;W[sb]C[W removes the aji, which means Chen is convinced that he's winning.];B[rp];W[mh]C[Since Chen is sure he’s winning this game, he doesn't need to play a big endgame move, and makes the game simple and clear instead.];B[aj];W[ak];B[ai];W[dj];B[cg];W[am];B[hb];W[le];B[kd];W[ke];B[ji];W[je];B[jd];W[ie];B[gh];W[rn];B[qo];W[hh];B[ig];W[li];B[hg];W[he];B[hf];W[gd];B[gf];W[md];B[jc];W[nc];B[ma];W[is]C[Last big endgame. W eventually played here and the game is practically over. The game is very close without komi. ];B[br];W[ha];B[ia];W[ga];B[lg];W[mg];B[lf];W[mf];B[js];W[io]LB[sb:A][mh:B]C[B resigned here. W is winning by about 6.5-7.5 points. Chen Yaoye defeated Choi Choelhan 2-0 and won the 15th Korea-China Tengen. Chen proved that he's very strong against Choi once again. His play in the game was dominant.On the other hand, Choi did fight and capture many W stones. But W managed the game, especially his weakness, beautifully.You can learn how to play when you're winning from W's A & B.I hope you enjoyed the game and the commentary.Thanks,AN Younggil 8p])(;W[rp]C[If W answers here, ];B[sp];W[sq];B[so];W[rr];B[rd];W[sb];B[rh];W[re];B[ri];W[rj];B[qh];W[oh];B[sd];W[rf];B[si]C[B can live. There're some bad aji like this. ]))(;B[fd]C[If B goes out here, ];W[be];B[ac];W[fe];B[gd];W[cf];B[df];W[dg]LB[eh:A][ei:B]C[It's a ladder. ]))(;B[qc];W[sb];B[ra];W[qa];B[rd];W[sa]C[B can't live complitely on the right side. ]))(;W[pm]C[If W connects here, ];B[qj];W[rk];B[qi];W[rl];B[qg]C[Center group'd be in trouble. ]MA[lj][oj][pj][jk][kk][lk][mk][nk][jl][ll]))(;B[ep]C[If B answers, ];W[lp];B[on];W[pm];B[lo];W[ji]LB[pm:B][on:A]C[B can't answer now, and the exchange A-B helps W a lot. ]))(;B[ko]C[If B answers here, ];W[ig];B[jg];W[fh];B[eh];W[eg];B[dh];W[ji];B[ki];W[hh]LB[mm:A][mn:B][ko:C]C[W can live like this, and A becomes very good for W afterwards. You can see that exchanging of B for C was beneficial for W.]))(;B[jg]C[This is common, but];W[ji];B[ki];W[kg]C[W can cut and fight easily.]))(;B[ll]C[This is just common, but ];W[gk];B[ij];W[kj];B[gj]C[There's a good move for W here. ];W[kn];B[km];W[ln]C[B's centre croup would be disconnected. ]))(;B[ck]C[If B plays here, ];W[bk];B[dk];W[bi];B[ci];W[bj]C[Alive. ]))(;W[ck]C[It seems to be similar, but ];B[dk];W[cm];B[cn];W[bi]LB[bh:A][bm:B]C[W's left side isn't complitely alive yet. B can go at A or B later when the outside's stronger. ]))(;W[fp]C[If W answers here, ];B[hr]LB[kq:B][fr:A]C[B'd go here and A & B are miai. ]))
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