(;GM[1]FF[4]CA[UTF-8]AP[CGoban:3]ST[2]RU[Japanese]SZ[19]KM[6.50]PW[Choi Cheolhan]PB[Chen Yaoye]WR[9d]BR[9d]DT[2012-09-12]EV[16th China Korea Tengen]RO[Game 2]WT[Korea]BT[China]SO[http://gogameguru.com/]AN[An Younggil 8p]C[This is a commentary of the second game of the 16th China Korea Tengen, between Choi Cheolhan (9p) and Chen Yaoye (9p).Chen Yaoye won the first game and this was a best of three match, so Choi had to win this game to stay in the competition.Last year, these two played in the 15th China Korea Tengen together, and Chen defeated Choi 2-0, so this year was Choi's revenge match.More details: http://gogameguru.com/chinas-sweeps-2012-international-meijin-tengen/]RE[B+Resign];B[pd]C[Chen plays black.At the time when this game was played, Chen Yaoye was ranked number 9 in China, and Choi Cheolhan was ranked number 3 in Korea. Chen's style of play is very solid and territorial. He's good at erasing his opponents' influence and moyo.On the other hand, Choi's style of play is thick and powerful. He's very good at attacking and likes complicated fighting games.Chen Yaoye is very strong against Korean players. Especially against Choi Cheolhan. The record between them is 8-1, and Chen has won the last 7 games in a row.I think it's because Chen's style of play is very solid, and it makes it hard for Choi to lead the games towards his preferred dynamic fighting style.];W[dd];B[qp];W[op]C[White wants to lead things towards a fighting game with this early approach move.];B[oq]LB[dp:A]C[Playing in the empty corner instead is also possible for black. ];W[nq];B[pq];W[mp];B[fq]LB[cp:B][iq:A]C[This is an interesting move. A and B are miai next. ];W[cp]C[White chose the corner, and ](;B[no]C[Black comes back here. ];W[np];B[qn]C[This shows Chen Yaoye's solid style. ];W[iq]LB[no:A][np:B]C[With this extension, white takes a very good point. It's not clear whether the exchange of A for B is good for black or not, but Chen might have thought that black wouldn't invade white's lower side position in this game anyway.];B[cq]C[This attachment starts a joseki. ];W[dq];B[dp](;W[cr];B[bq];W[ep];B[do];W[eq](;B[cn]C[This move is rarely played, but it's also joseki. ](;W[cf]C[This is a big move.];B[br]C[This move is typical of Chen's style. It's regarded as a non-urgent move, but it's still big.](;W[nc]C[White approached here first, but it seems to be questionable.];B[hp]C[This move is good, and black takes the initiative. ];W[hq];B[gq]C[This is the only move. Black wants to divide white in two and fight. ](;W[eo](;B[go]C[This is the right move here.];W[en](;B[cl]C[This jump is nice and solid. ];W[dl]SQ[go][hp][fq][gq]C[This attachment is a good tesuji. White wants make himself stronger before attacking the marked stones.];B[dk]C[This hane is a strong response. ](;W[el]C[White has to pull back, and];B[ck]LB[nc:A]C[The result so far is favorable for black. Black and white are both too busy to play in the top right.];W[hl]TR[go][hp][fq][gq]C[This jump is good. White should profit while attacking black's marked stones.];B[im]C[This is an incredible jump! ];W[il];B[jl]C[Chen Yaoye is very good at defense, and ];W[jm]C[Choi Cheolhan's attacking is very sharp and severe. White cuts here and the first serious fight's begun. ];B[kq]LB[km:B][jn:A]TR[jl][im]C[This invasion is a very good combination with the marked stones. It's not easy for white to answer here, because black can choose to atari at A or B later.](;W[kr]C[This attachment is white's best response. ](;B[lr]C[This hane is right. ];W[kp]C[This is the only good move for white now.](;B[km]C[This is a good followup for black.Both players are very good at this sort of close combat.];W[jn];B[jo]C[A nice tesuji again. Almost every single move they've played around here is a tesuji, so this fight is well worth studying.](;W[lq]LB[jo:A]TR[jm][jn]C[This cut is the right response to black's attachment at A. Even though black can't capture white's two marked stones, he's still controlling the game.];B[kn];W[in];B[hn]C[This atari is right. ](;W[io]C[White comes out here. This move starts a new fight at the bottom. ];B[ip];W[hm](;B[jq]C[This move is correct. ](;W[jr]C[This answer is inevitable for white. ];B[jp](;W[ko]C[Choi wants to keep fighting. ];B[mr];W[nr];B[ks]C[This hane is the right move order. ];W[ir];B[is]C[This is a good tesuji, and the only move. You can see so many tesuji in this game which you usually only find in tesuji books.];W[hs];B[gr]C[This is the perfect sequence, and it's a ko. ];W[js];B[ho];W[im];B[hr]C[This is right. ];W[ls];B[ms];W[kl]LB[is:C][ks:B][ns:A]C[In this case, white had better not to make it real ko with A yet. Playing here is better because now black will need to spend two more moves to eliminate the ko later.];B[ks]C[Black can't easily play in the center because of this ko. ];W[po]C[This peep is a bit tricky. ](;B[ll]C[Black has to atari here first. ];W[kk]LB[jk:A]C[This is a unique move. A is more common, but Choi might have thought this move was better for his center influence.];B[qo]C[Black comes back here. ];W[ls]C[White takes the ko. It's one stop ko, but black should concentrate on winning the ko. ];B[gm];W[gl];B[ks];W[lm];B[is]TR[km][kn]C[Black eliminates the ko, and white needs to spend one more move to capture the two marked stones. ];W[om]LB[ln:A]C[This is more effective than taking the stones at A. ](;B[qf]LB[hp:A]C[Anyway, black eventually comes back here and the game is slightly better for black now. The first battle, which started with A, has finished and the result is slightly favorable for black. ];W[pb]C[The time limit for this game was 3 hours each. So, as you can see, their fighting and reading is deeper and more profound than in the lightning games which are more common these days. It's because they can both take their time to read carefully.];B[qc]LB[lc:A][mc:B]C[There are other options for black here, like A or B, but this is Chen's style of play. He likes to take territory first and then invade. ](;W[jc]LB[ic:A]C[This extension is unusual, but it's a proper move in this case. Playing at A is also conceivable.](;B[eb]C[Black should still invade here. ](;W[dc]C[This answer is right in this case. ];B[hc];W[he]C[This cap is nice. Choi's very good at attacking, but on the other hand, Chen is very good at sabaki. So let's see whose skill is greater!];B[jb]C[Attach when you're being attacked. ](;W[ib]C[This is the proper move here. White shouldn't let black live easily. ];B[ic](;W[kb]C[This atari is inevitable. ];B[jd];W[kc];B[hb];W[ja];B[db];W[cb](;B[fc]C[This is very solid, but questionable. ];W[ie]C[This is the vital point. Black can live inside anyway, so maybe both players are satisfied with that. ](;B[gd]C[This is a proper move. ];W[qg]LB[pg:B][qh:A]C[This attachment is more active than playing at A or B.](;B[pf]C[Black keeps playing very solidly. ];W[gb];B[ga];W[fe]C[Sente. ];B[fb];W[pg];B[og];W[oh]C[In general, this sort of move isn't good, but Choi doesn't care about the shape here. He's playing the moves required by the situation.];B[ph]C[Chen can't be patient anymore. He has to fight back now.];W[qh];B[pi];W[qi](;B[nh]C[This atari looks good, but it was a mistake. ](;W[of]C[This cut is good. ](;B[ng]C[This connection is right, but ];W[pj];B[oi];W[ql]LB[nh:A]C[White gets some points after black's mistake at A, and the game becomes very close. ];B[nd]LB[of:A]C[Black tries to capture the stone at A in sente. ];W[md];B[mc]C[This crosscut is a very nice tesuji. ](;W[oc]C[This is the proper answer. It looks as if Choi thought the game was better for him at this stage.];B[me]LB[of:A]C[This atari is sente, and white can't save the stone at A. ];W[ld];B[ch]C[This extension is the biggest move on the board. Black has more territory, but white has more potential in the center, so the game is fairly even.](;W[bh]C[This attachment is a good move to make black's shape over-concentrated.](;B[bg];W[cg];B[bi];W[dh](;B[ah]C[Taking white's stone here is correct in this case. ];W[ci];B[bh];W[cm];B[bm];W[dm]C[Sente endgame. ];B[co];W[ei]LB[ci:A]C[This is a multi-purpose move. Make good shape, save the stone at A, and close off the center from the left side. ];B[jg]C[Black has to play here to reduce white's center area. ];W[mf]C[This attachment is very sharp. It's hard for black to answer, and white is just about to reverse the game.](;B[oj]C[Sente ];W[pk];B[kj]C[What a move. This attachment looks weird, but it's interesting. ];W[od]LB[oe:A][nf:B]C[White cuts black's corner off from the rest of the group. A and B are miai for white now.];B[lk];W[jk];B[rg]C[This hane is a profitable exchange. ];W[rh]LB[ri:C][qj:A][rj:B]C[If white doesn't answer, black can play A to C. ];B[qb]C[This move is very big and necessary. ];W[lj]C[This cut is good and white can expect to gain some more points here. ];B[nf];W[oe];B[ne]C[This move is slow but thick and nice. There's a good endgame move at the top later. ];W[li]C[This extension is good and white finally reverses the game.];B[kh]C[Black answers here, but white can keep bullying this group.](;W[mk]C[This atari is too soft though, and it's a losing move.];B[kf]C[Black is very happy to reinforce here.Choi probably thought the game was still good for him, but actually, it wasn't.];W[rf]C[This is a good endgame move, but ];B[re];W[sg];B[mb];W[pc];B[qd];W[nb];B[oa]LB[ne:A]C[This is a good endgame tesuji, and black can take sente. The move at A was so big and thick because of this sequence.];W[pa];B[pe];W[lc];B[qa];W[ma];B[hg]C[This jump is big, and it's sente too. ];W[ih];B[ig];W[gf]LB[ge:A]TR[he][ie]C[If white doesn't answer here, black can play at A and capture the marked stones.This diagonal move is a bit better than the solid connection at A.];B[rm]C[This is a big endgame move, and black is winning again now. ];W[or];B[pr];W[bf]C[Blocking here is also big, but there aren't many places left where white can catch up.];B[rl];W[rk];B[af];W[ae];B[cj];W[di];B[gg];W[fg];B[fh];W[eh];B[pn];W[on];B[ok];W[nl];B[ki];W[hi];B[lh];W[dr];B[mi];W[mj];B[gi];W[le];B[lf];W[ps];B[qs];W[os];B[qr];W[sl];B[sm];W[sk];B[ca];W[ba]C[White is desperate. ](;B[bb]C[Chen cuts here to make a big ko.];W[da];B[cc];W[bc]C[Chen must have checked every ko threat for both players, and fought the ko to win the game for sure.];B[ca];W[bn];B[bo];W[cb];B[ge];W[hf];B[ca];W[bl];B[an];W[cb];B[ee]C[This is a nice ko threat. ](;W[ed]C[This answer is inevitable. ];B[ca];W[bj];B[bk];W[cb];B[fd];W[ff];B[ca];W[se];B[sd];W[cb];B[cd];W[de];B[ca];W[sc]C[This is white's last big ko threat, but black doesn't need to answer it.];B[cb];W[rd]C[This is another ko, but ];B[rc];W[qe];B[sb];W[aj];B[ak];W[ra];B[re];W[am]C[This is white's last big ko threat, and];B[al];W[qe];B[ek]LB[mk:A][hp:D][op:B][fq:C]C[This is a good ko threat for black, and white can't keep going. (See the following variation).White resigned here.Chen Yaoye defeated Choi Choelhan 2-0 and won the China Korea Tengen again.Chen demonstrated his accurate reading and the core of his solid territorial game.Choi Cheolhan was catching up, and had a very good chance in the center, but he hesitated about fighting on and missed the opportunity with A.This game started with a refreshing opening, with B and C. And the fighting from D onwards was very interesting and spectacular. There were so many model tesuji throughout this game and under the surface, in the players' minds.I hope you'll enjoy this game more after seeing this commentary, and please feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions.Thanks,An Younggil 8p http://gogameguru.com/];W[rb]C[If white ends the ko,];B[fk]LB[ef:B][fl:A]C[A and B are miai.])(;W[cd]C[If white eliminates the ko fight,];B[ef];W[ff];B[ed];W[eg];B[ea]C[Black will be winning by more than before.]))(;B[da]C[This is also possible. ];W[bc];B[gj];W[hj];B[bs]C[Black is still winning by 0.5~1.5 points, but Chen must have carefully calculated that fighting the ko was good for black.]))(;W[lh];B[lg];W[kf]C[White should keep bullying like this. ];B[kg];W[lf]C[This is all sente. ];B[mg];W[mk]C[And now white can come back here. Black's center group is in trouble. This big black group will live somehow, but white'll have gained enough to win the game.]))(;B[nf]C[If black just answers here, ];W[le]LB[oe:A]C[This atari is sente, because white threatens to cut black by playing A.];B[ne];W[oj]C[This push is a good follow up. ](;B[nj]C[If black hanes here,];W[mi]C[This peep is sente, and];B[ni];W[kh]LB[jg:A]C[Black's stone at A is cut off. ])(;B[lg]C[If black connects the center stone, ];W[rm];B[rn];W[bf]C[White's leading the game by a small margin.])))(;B[ci]TR[bi][ci][ck][dk]C[This is wrong because it's inefficient. Black's marked stones are over-concentrated.];W[bf];B[ah]LB[ci:A]C[As you can see, the stone at A is not well placed.]))(;B[bi];W[bg]C[This is good for white. ]))(;W[bg]C[This is also possible, but it's gote and not active enough. ]))(;W[ne]C[White can also think about this variation. ];B[od];W[me];B[nb];W[mi]TR[ng][og][nh][ph][oi][pi]C[Black's center group appears to be in danger, but attacking like this is very risky for white. If this black group lives, the game will be over.]))(;B[oi]C[If black takes this stone,];W[ng]C[This atari is painful for black, ];B[oh];W[qk]TR[og][nh][oh][ph][oi][pi]C[Black isn't happy with that ugly shape. ]))(;W[oi]C[This is what black wants white to play.];B[pj];W[qj];B[ni];W[oj];B[pk]LB[ok:A][qk:B]C[White is in trouble, because A and B are miai for black next. ]))(;B[pj]C[Black should have just extended here. ];W[qj];B[pk]C[Black is erasing white's center influence without any effort. Black is surely ahead now.]))(;B[pg]C[If black hanes over, ];W[qh];B[rf];W[ph];B[og];W[oh];B[ng];W[ql]C[The result up to here is good for white. ]))(;B[gb]C[Black can live with this as well, but it's too small. ];W[gd];B[fa];W[da];B[ha]C[This is too passive and shameful. ]))(;B[ie]C[This hanging connection is normal, and black is good enough with this move.];W[hf];B[if]C[It will be very hard for white make profit while chasing this group.]))(;W[hb]C[This move looks fine, but ];B[jd];W[kc];B[kb]LB[gb:A][lc:B]C[The atari and push are a good combination here. A and B are miai next.];W[lb]C[If white plays here, ];B[lc];W[kd];B[ld];W[ke];B[mb];W[gc];B[le]TR[pb][nc]C[Up to here, the trade is good for black. It's very hard for white to save the marked stones.]))(;W[kb]C[If white falls back, ];B[ib];W[kd];B[fd];W[fe];B[db];W[cb];B[gd]C[It's too easy for black to live.]))(;W[db]C[This is also conceivable, but ];B[dc]C[Wedging here isn't played as much as it used to be, but it's good in this case.](;W[cc]C[If white falls back, which is notmally bad, ];B[ec];W[cb];B[ed];W[de];B[hc]C[Black can easily settle at the top. ])(;W[ec]C[This cut is common, and it's generally better for white, but ];B[cc];W[cb];B[ed];W[fc];B[cd];W[de];B[fb];W[bb];B[gc];W[fd];B[ic]C[This attachment is good, and it's hard for white to keep attacking black's group now.])))(;B[lc]C[If black comes in here, ];W[ne];B[le];W[ng];B[je];W[hc]TR[kk][gl][hl][il][kl]SQ[lc][je][le]C[This is good for white, because white can use his influence over the center to attack black's marked stones.]))(;W[kc]C[The normal joseki move is here, but then];B[eb]C[Black can invade here, and ];W[dc];B[jc]C[This attachment is good, and](;W[jd]C[If white hanes over, ];B[ic];W[kd];B[fc]C[Black is happy to settle like this. ])(;W[jb]C[If white hanes under, ];B[ib];W[ic];B[jd];W[hb];B[id];W[ia];B[hc]C[This variation is still better for black. ])))(;B[ln]C[If black escapes,];W[mm]C[White can just extend, and black's stones are still captured.]))(;B[qo]C[If black just answers here, ];W[lm]LB[po:A]TR[km][kn]C[White can atari here and, because of A, the two marked stones are captured in a ladder. ](;B[is];W[qf]C[This variation is better for white. ])(;B[ln]C[Black can't save the cutting stones.];W[mn];B[lo];W[lp];B[mo];W[nn])))(;W[mr]C[This is a compromise, but it isn't good enough for white. ];B[ko]C[The result is still favorable for black. ]))(;W[jp]C[If white cuts here, ];B[jr];W[ko]C[White can get a very powerul and solid shape in the center, but];B[pf]C[Black has much more territory. It's hard for white to catch up.]))(;B[jp]C[This is wrong. ];W[jq];B[ko];W[jk];B[kl];W[qf]C[White is very happy with this result. ]))(;W[hm];B[io];W[im];B[ko]C[This result is satisfactory for black, so white didn't play like this.]))(;W[kn]C[White can't come out here, because];B[ko](;W[ln];B[lp]SQ[kp][hq][iq][kr]C[This is a big problem for white. ])(;W[lq]C[If white takes care of the lower side, ];B[ln];W[in];B[hn]C[This atari is good, and ];W[hm];B[io];W[im];B[lo]C[Up to here, black successfully escapes. ])))(;B[jq]C[This move is also possible. ];W[ip];B[jp];W[io];B[lp];W[km];B[mo]C[It's a big trade, and ];W[qf]C[White can come here first. The game seems to be even.]))(;B[jr]C[This hane is wrong. ];W[jq];B[lr];W[kp];B[lq];W[lp]LB[km:B][nr:A]C[A and B are miai for white. ]))(;W[jp]C[For example, if white answers here, ];B[km]C[Black will atari here first, and ];W[jn];B[jo]C[This is a brilliant tesuji, white is in trouble. ](;W[ko];B[io]LB[kn:B][kp:A]C[White is in deep trouble, because A and B are miai for black. ])(;W[io];B[ip]LB[ko:A][jq:B]C[White is still in trouble. A and B are miai for black here.])))(;W[cm]C[White can consider wedging here, and](;B[bm]C[If black answers underneath,];W[dm];B[bo];W[ck];B[bl];W[cj]LB[bm:A]C[This result is good for white, but A wasn't the best way for black to respond.])(;B[dm]C[This cut is the right answer for black.];W[dn];B[bm];W[co];B[fm]LB[bo:A][dr:B]TR[bq][cq][br]C[Enclosing white like this is very good, and black's three stones in the corner are ok, because A and B are miai.])))(;B[gm]C[If black jumps here, ];W[dl]C[This knight's move is good. ]))(;B[en]C[This hane looks nice, but ];W[go];B[gp];W[fn]C[Black won't be happy with this shape. ]))(;W[gp]C[White can't cut like this.];B[fp]LB[ep:A][gp:B]C[Black will simply atari and white won't have time to look after both A and B.]))(;W[eo]LB[cf:A]C[White should push up here now. White's stone at A has already reduced black's potential on the left side and white can develop the bottom while strengthening his group.];B[en];W[fn];B[em]C[Black would answer. ];W[fm];B[el];W[fl];B[ek];W[nm]LB[cf:A][br:B]C[This variation should be better for white than in the actual game. The exchange of A for B is good for white.]))(;W[eo]C[Pushing up here is also a possible followup.];B[en];W[fn];B[em];W[fm];B[el]C[But so far, black has two solid corners while white is developing his lower side. Chen would like to play this sort of opening, so white didn't follow this sequence. ]))(;B[br]C[This move is far more common, but ](;W[dm]C[In this case, white would play here, and](;B[en];W[fp];B[em];W[dk];B[cm];W[nc]C[It's an active result for white. ])(;B[em]C[Attaching here is careless. ];W[eo]C[This push is good, and black is in trouble. ];B[dn];W[en]C[This result is bad for black.]))(;W[en]LB[hq:B][iq:A]C[This press looks alright, but it doesn't work well when white's pincer is at A (It's possible when white's stone is placed at B instead).];B[dn];W[dm];B[eo];W[fo];B[fn];W[cn];B[em];W[co];B[en];W[dl];B[fp];W[fr];B[gr]LB[gq:C][hq:B][iq:A]C[If white's stone were placed at B instead of A, white could cut at C now. ];W[er](;B[hq]C[Black should play here now.](;W[bs]C[If white hanes here, to capture the corner,];B[ds];W[cs];B[fs];W[dr];B[gs];W[es];B[as]C[This is a good sequence to create a favorable ko for black.];W[ar];B[aq]C[White's miserable because there are no big ko threats in the opening. Even if white can win the ko somehow, it's still very good for black.])(;W[ds]C[If white plays here, ];B[ip]LB[jq:B][bs:A]C[This hane is good. A and B are miai next.]))(;B[fs]C[Black would like to play here, but it doesn't work in this case.];W[ds];B[gs];W[es];B[bs]C[White looks dead, but...];W[gq];B[gp];W[hr];B[hq];W[hs];B[gq];W[go];B[hp];W[ho];B[ip];W[jp]LB[fs:A]C[This ladder favors white, so black can't play the capturing race starting with A.]))))(;W[ep]C[If white plays this way first,];B[do];W[cr];B[eq]C[It gives black the option of trading like this.];W[bq];B[dr];W[cq];B[fo]C[It's better to reduce your opponent's options when you can.]))(;B[iq]LB[fq:A]C[This extension is normal, and](;W[pn]C[White should play here now. It's another game.])(;W[qo]TR[pd][fq][iq]C[This is an overplay for white in this opening.];B[pp];W[po];B[oo];W[np];B[on];W[ro];B[rp];W[ql];B[mn]TR[pd][fq][iq]C[The fighting will be good for black because black has more stones in this part of the board.])))
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