(;GM[1]FF[4]CA[UTF-8]AP[CGoban:3]ST[2]RU[Japanese]SZ[19]KM[6.50]PW[Takemiya Masaki]PB[Oki Keiji]WR[9p]BR[7p]DT[2007-08-16]EV[33rd Gosei primary tournament A]RE[W+Resign];B[qd]C[This is the game from the 33rd Japanese Gosei primary tournament. Black is Oki Keiji, 7-dan. White is Takemiya Masaki, 9-dan];W[dp];B[cd];W[pp];B[qn];W[nq]LB[np:A]C[Usually Takemiya, 9-dan plays at A];B[od]LB[pj:A][pk:B]C[The plan is unusual. Normally Black extends at A or B];W[qk]LB[pj:A]C[White may think about the far pincer at A];B[qi](;W[ic]C[Tennuki looks unusual -](;B[on]C[It's not a mistake, but Black has lot of other attractive options -];W[ok];B[mn];W[oi];B[qg];W[mk]TR[od]C[Now it's hard to say, that the marked stone is effective, the lower one would be better here](;B[lp]C[A careful move -];W[rp]LB[qp:A]C[It's more solid to defend at A, but the difference is very small];B[kn]LB[kk:B][km:A]C[The shape looks funny. It's better to play at A, preparing the attack at B](;W[kk]C[A very solid move, typical for Takemiya -];B[kc];W[ec](;B[gc]LB[de:A]C[Black may think about the kosumi at A -];W[de];B[ce];W[df];B[cg](;W[dg]C[A thick move, typical for Takemiya -];B[ch];W[dh];B[ci];W[di]TR[oi][kk][mk][ok][qk]C[Now White's group in the center looks like a wall];B[cj];W[kd](;B[lc]C[Too passive! -];W[jd]TR[gc]C[Now the marked stone is in trouble];B[ie]C[Too deep!];W[ld];B[mc];W[ge]C[The vital point];B[lg]C[Another deep move];W[lf];B[kf];W[mf]C[The fight is clearly favorable for White];B[ig]C[Black's plan looks heavy];W[md](;B[nd]C[Black may think about tennuki, but ... -];W[mg]C[A very thick move];B[gf]TR[gc]C[This move is too close to the wall. It helps White to capture the marked stone];W[ff];B[gg];W[he]TR[gc]C[White is happy to answer. Now the marked stone is dead];B[hj];W[dj](;B[dc]C[A big move, but Black has no time to play it. He is still busy in the center! -];W[db];B[cb];W[hl]LB[eb:A]C[Tennuki is natural. For sure, White must not connect at A];B[hf]C[It's very painful for Black to live by playing dame points];W[eb];B[ck];W[ip]C[Another painful move];B[op];W[oq];B[po];W[qp];B[np]C[Black has to live passively again];W[jj];B[hh]C[The vital point];W[co]C[Black's group in the middle is not yet alive, but it's not necessary for White to kill it];B[dr]C[Black has no choice, he has to play actively];W[dq];B[fq]LB[gq:A]C[Is it better to invade at A?];W[er];B[iq]C[A rude move];W[jq];B[jp];W[hq];B[ir];W[hr];B[hp]C[Another overplay];W[io];B[jr];W[kq];B[gr];W[gi];B[je];W[ho];B[gp];W[kr];B[hs];W[js];B[gq]C[Black got a third weak group and suddenly his position becomes very thin];W[pm]C[The vital point];B[qm];W[pl];B[pq]C[A strange move];W[mq];B[qq];W[rr];B[rq];W[sq];B[ro];W[sp];B[rk];W[rl];B[rj];W[ql];B[rm];W[sl];B[qo];W[sr];B[so]C[It's very painful to survive like this];W[mp];B[mo];W[nm];B[kp];W[no];B[nn];W[oo];B[pn]C[White got some profit by attacking](;W[cm]LB[eq:A]TR[gp][hp][fq][gq][iq][gr][ir][jr][hs]C[Can White kill the marked group by connecting at A? -];B[fs];W[cr];B[ds];W[eq];B[fr]C[Black is alive, but he has to play dames];W[pf];B[pg];W[of];B[qf];W[kg];B[jg];W[kh]C[White got enough territory by attacking. Now he is 7-8 points ahead. This is the last note.];B[jb];W[dd];B[cc];W[ib];B[hd];W[gd];B[id];W[jc];B[hc];W[es];B[fd];W[fe];B[fc];W[ed];B[bl];W[bm];B[og];W[kb];B[nh];W[hi];B[la];W[go];B[ni];W[li];B[dl];W[el];B[dm];W[lb];B[mb];W[ja];B[jm];W[jo];B[ko];W[lm];B[ln];W[il];B[lq];W[lr];B[fm];W[fl];B[gm];W[fo];B[em];W[gl];B[dk];W[ek];B[ii];W[ij];B[fh];W[fi];B[mm];W[ka])(;W[eq];B[fn];W[dl];B[hm];W[im];B[gm]C[It's not clear, because White has some weak points in the center]))(;B[jl];W[jk];B[hl]C[It looks urgent for Black to connect these groups]))(;B[ij];W[nc];B[nb];W[oc];B[nd];W[ob];B[mb];W[qc]C[... the adji would be bad]))(;B[jc]C[I would prefer to fight here]))(;W[hd];B[dc];W[eb];B[dg];W[fe]C[This is the normal joseki]))(;B[de];W[gd];B[dc];W[eb];B[fq];W[cn];B[mr]C[The opening would be about equal]))(;W[ec];B[kk];W[rh];B[qh];W[qj];B[ri];W[li]C[Tennuki was possible here]))(;B[lq];W[no];B[nn];W[lp]C[This one would be risky]))(;B[qp];W[qq];B[rq];W[qo];B[rp](;W[ro];B[po];W[rn];B[pq];W[op];B[pn];W[rm];B[pr]C[I would prefer to use this joseki instead])(;W[po];B[ro];W[qr];B[pn];W[rm];B[rn];W[ok];B[nn]C[The fight would be promising for Black])))(;W[qo];B[ic];W[pn];B[dj]C[White may think about the trade]))
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