(;GM[1]FF[4]CA[UTF-8]AP[CGoban:3]ST[2]RU[Japanese]SZ[19]KM[6.50]PW[Takemiya Masaki]PB[Kataoka Satoshi]WR[9p]BR[9p]DT[2007-01-25]EV[32nd Japanese Kisei ]RO[the last primary tournament]RE[W+Resign];B[qd]C[This is the game from the 32nd Japanese Kisei tournament. Black is Kataoka Satoshi, 9-dan. White is Takemiya Masaki, 9-dan];W[dd];B[pq];W[od]LB[oc:A]C[Usually White plays as A];B[dp];W[qo];B[oc](;W[nc]C[The opening looks normal, but I cannot find any pro examples in my database -];B[pc](;W[nd]LB[ng:A]C[Is it better to jump at A? -];B[qf];W[jc]TR[qo]C[Now Black is very thick on the right and the marked stone is not so effective];B[cf](;W[ch]TR[jc]C[The pincer is unusual with the low stone on the side -](;B[cc]C[The invasion is natural -];W[dc];B[cd];W[de];B[bf];W[eg]TR[jc]C[White's construction is not ideal, because the marked stone is low];B[pl]LB[pm:A][np:B][op:C]C[Black may think about the close pincer at A. It's also possible to defend at B or C](;W[fq]C[A good decision -];B[ip]LB[cn:A][dn:B]C[A sharp move. It's also possible to defend solidly at A or B](;W[fo]C[For sure, White must not invade at san-san -];B[dn](;W[fm]C[The plan is interesting -];B[dl];W[ek]LB[dh:A]C[A very thick move, which defends the weakness at A](;B[qp]C[I think, that this plan is wrong -](;W[op]C[A good decision -](;B[pp]C[The strongest answer, but ... -];W[oo];B[po];W[kp]TR[ek][fm][fo][fq]C[The pincer is ideal. We may say, that White's plan is successful. Now his wall on the left is working well](;B[oq]C[The vital point -];W[kn];B[dq]LB[jg:A]C[A very solid move, but it's slow. I would prefer to reduce the moyo at A];W[nh]C[Now the moyo is really deep! White's opening is successful](;B[ki]C[The invasion is extra-deep, but Black has no other choice -](;W[ol]C[A nice tesuji. I saw this kind of attack in several games, played by Takemiya -];B[pm];W[kk]TR[ip]C[The right direction. White is trying to reduce the adji of the marked stone by attacking];B[mi];W[ni];B[mh]C[A good plan];W[ng];B[ii]C[Now Black's shape is rather strong. It's hard to kill this group];W[jh];B[ji];W[ik];B[hg]LB[jf:A]C[Is it better to defend at A?];W[jf]C[It's a vital point];B[gi];W[hj];B[hi];W[he]C[White may try to kill the group, but it's not necessary at all. He has enough territory for winning the game!];B[ei];W[dj];B[fg];W[eh];B[fh];W[fe];B[gj];W[gk];B[di];W[ci];B[ej];W[dk];B[cl];W[er]LB[mq:A]C[Keime at A is another excellent point](;B[lq]C[Too passive! -];W[kq];B[kr];W[jr];B[lr]LB[cb:A][qi:B]C[A small move. It's gote! It's more important to play at A or B];W[cr];B[bq];W[cb];B[bb];W[db](;B[ba]C[It's painful for Black to defend, but tennuki is not possible -];W[pk];B[qk];W[qj]C[The largest place on the board];B[rk];W[om];B[fk];W[fl];B[fj];W[pn];B[qn];W[on];B[el];W[qm](;B[ro]LB[dh:A]C[Is it better to cut off the stones at A? -];W[cg]C[A huge move];B[ql];W[rj];B[rm];W[iq]C[White played a nice endgame. Now he is more than 5 points ahead. This is the last note.];B[cj];W[qg];B[rg];W[rh];B[rf];W[pg];B[lk];W[ll];B[dr];W[ds];B[fn];W[gn];B[en];W[ob];B[pb];W[na];B[lf];W[pa];B[qb];W[le];B[if];W[je];B[gm];W[go];B[gl];W[hm];B[hk];W[hl];B[gk];W[lg];B[mk];W[ml];B[mp];W[mo];B[lp];W[lo];B[jk];W[jl];B[kj];W[jj];B[kg];W[kf];B[lh];W[mg];B[jg];W[bi];B[bj];W[bg];B[bd];W[np];B[nq];W[cq];B[bp];W[aj];B[ak];W[ai];B[bk];W[qa];B[ra];W[oa];B[rc];W[nk];B[pe];W[oe];B[pf];W[of];B[qh];W[ph];B[ij];W[jk])(;B[dh];W[rn];B[pj];W[ql];B[qi]C[I am not sure, which way is better]))(;B[qi];W[ba];B[ab];W[bg];B[ce];W[af];B[ae];W[bd]C[Black's group would be killed]))(;B[kq](;W[lq];B[lr]C[Black may think about this tesuji])(;W[jq];B[lq];W[jp];B[qi]C[The difference would be large]))(;B[kr]C[This jump is possible too]))(;W[mj];B[jd];W[ic];B[jg];W[lg];B[ii]C[It is not easy for White to kill the stone directly]))(;B[pi];W[mk]C[The game would be over]))(;B[in];W[oq];B[pn];W[il]C[It would be dangerous for Black to fight like this]))(;B[oq];W[np];B[mq];W[rp];B[rq];W[pp];B[qq];W[pn]C[... It is probably better to defend like this, connecting the stone on the lower side]))(;W[po];B[np]TR[ip]C[This is the wrong way. Black would defend his stone by attacking]))(;B[mq]TR[ip]C[In my opinion, it's better to defend the marked stone, so White's wall would not be effective];W[np];B[nq];W[qq];B[qr];W[pp];B[oq];W[rq];B[jg]C[The opening would be easy for Black]))(;W[dr];B[cq];W[ir];B[ck]C[The normal joseki looks soft]))(;W[cq];B[dq];W[cp];B[do];W[dr];B[er];W[cr];B[eq];W[cn];B[qp];W[po];B[np]C[The opening would be clearly favorable for Black]))(;W[no];B[mq]C[It's hard for White to find a joseki here, because Black is very thick on the right])(;W[pn];B[np];W[rq];B[jq]C[This joseki is not good for White too]))(;B[fc];W[cc];B[ee];W[ed];B[fd];W[fe]C[The double kakari would be risky here]))(;W[fd];B[bd];W[cc];B[ci];W[fq];B[dn];W[mq];B[op];W[jp]C[This is the common development]))(;W[ng];B[qg];W[dj]LB[ph:A]TR[qo]C[Later White can press a A, making the marked stone useful]))(;W[pd];B[pc];W[qe];B[nc];W[np]C[This is another option]))
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