(;CA[UTF-8]CA[Windows-1252]AP[MultiGo:4.4.4]SZ[19]C[This is Brown Stone's first game in Tygem.]GN[The Tygem Dragon]DT[2016- 8-29-13- 4-19]PC[Tygem Baduk]PB[brwnstn ]BR[10K]PW[Tygem User]WR[10K]KM[6.5]TM[Time limit 20minute : 30 second countdown 3 time]RE[black 85.5 win]AN[Even : Black 6.5 Dum]MULTIGOGM[1];B[qd]C[Brown Stone played Black.];W[dp];B[pp];W[dd];B[oc]LB[hc:A][qj:B][qn:C]C[White played A, but Black expected B or C.](;W[hc]C[White 6 looked slow and in the wrong direction. ];B[qj]C[Black was happy to extend from the enclosure and develop Black 3. Black has an ideal formation.];W[qg]C[Black was surprised with the immediate invasion of White 8. Black did not want to do anything with 8 yet because it was weak. Black expected to gain by attacking White 8.];B[fp]C[Black wanted create a favourable position first before attacking White 8.](;W[eq]C[White surprised Black again with 10.];B[dn]C[Since White did not seem interested with the West, Black played 11 to develop it.];W[co]C[White 12 again was a weird diagonal. White secured profit, but Black will be happy to build influence towards the apex.];B[eo]C[Black stayed connected with 13.];W[cn]C[Black welcomed this push.];B[dm];W[cm];B[dl]C[Black build influence, but White took profit. Black was happy.];W[fq]LB[hp:A][gp:B]C[Black did not like B, so Black played A.](;B[hp]LB[nq:A][gq:B]C[White played A. The reason behind Black 19 was White B.](;W[nq]LB[lq:A][lp:B]C[Black played A, but B looks more consistent with the wall.](;B[lq]LB[no:A][qq:B]C[White played A. Black expected B.](;W[no]LB[pn:A][lo:B]C[After the jump of White 22, Black felt the correct approach should have chosen the high approach at M4. Black played A, but B looks more consistent.](;B[pn](;W[pr]C[If White intended with living, then maybe White should have played 22 at R3.];B[qq]C[Black protected the corner with 25.];W[qr];B[gq]C[After the slow move of White 26, Black secured the South base with 27.](;W[jq]LB[jp:A][lo:B]C[Given that Black was behind, A was too passive. B might be the better for Black.](;B[jp];W[kp]C[White 30 was painful. ];B[kq]C[Black had no choice but to cut.];W[lp];B[jo]C[White will take away Black's thickness if Black allowed White 33. Black expected White here and aimed to keep this group from running to the Apex. Black's only hope was to take profit in the Apex.];W[mq];B[iq];W[ql]LB[pl:A][oj:B]C[White 36 was a very aggressive invasion. Black A (attaching to a weak stone) was another mistake. Black should have jumped at B and started a fight.](;B[pl];W[qo];B[po]C[After the peep of White 38, Black aimed for a wall that would complement Black's other wall.];W[qn];B[qm];W[rm];B[pm];W[qk];B[pk];W[rj];B[pj];W[qi]C[White 48 was a mistake. White should have connected at S8.];B[rl];W[sl];B[rn];W[rk];B[ro]C[White's wall was half alive. This would be important later.];W[rq]C[White 54 was a big mistake.];B[jr]C[Because Black was able to capture at 55, White's South East group was not necessarily alive.With two walls, Black was aiming to attack this group later.];W[cj];B[ch]C[Black did not want White to take easy profit with 56, so Black played pincer with 57.];W[ej]C[Black felt bad after White's jump with 58 because it was running towards Black potential area. However, Black wanted to use the thickness to kill White's group.];B[di];W[dj]C[Black first made White heeavy with the peep of 59. White 60 was common sense.];B[fh]C[With 61 Black aimed to keep attacking White. ];W[gj];B[cl]C[Black had to cut-off White's Apex group from the South West group before Black could continue the attack. White 62 and 63 were kind of miai.];W[fl]C[White gained eye shape with 64.];B[hi]C[Black 65 aimed at pushing White to Black's thickness.];W[gi];B[gh];W[hj];B[ii];W[ij];B[jj];W[jk];B[kk]LB[ji:A][hh:B][be:C]C[Black felt very confident of this double hane. Black need not worry about the cut of White A and B because the ladder works for Black and because of the wall on the South East. The Black North West group can also live in isolation because of C.];W[kj]C[Black expected the cut of White 74.];B[ji];W[kl];B[lk];W[il];B[jm];W[jl];B[jd]C[After exchanging Black 79 for White 80, Black did not feel Black could continue attacking White to gain profit. Black chose to develop the Apex wall and corner enclosure with 81.](;W[jc];B[kc];W[jb];B[kd]C[White 84 looked passive. Maybe White should have cut at 85 instead. However, if White 85 led to a fight, White might be in trouble because of Black's wall.];W[km]C[White 86 might have been unnecesary.];B[kn]C[Black 87 aimed at separating White's groups.];W[ln];B[lm]C[The cut of Black 89 was beautiful.];W[ll];B[mm];W[ml];B[nm]C[After Black 93, Black's wall on the South East was still half alive with one eye. ];W[mk];B[lj];W[mj];B[li];W[mi];B[lo]C[Black 99 aimed at connecting Black's South East wall to the South West group by capturing 88 or capturing the two White stones at M4.];W[mn];B[mp]C[White chose to give up the two stones. White's South East group became weak.];W[np];B[ko];W[pi]LB[nn:A][mo:B][oo:C]C[After White 104, Black's South East group can live with Black A, White B, Black C.];B[oi]C[Black wanted to get out first and separate White's Apex group from the White East group.];W[oh];B[ph]C[Black 107 was a sacrifice.];W[pg]C[Black expected White 108.];B[nh];W[oj]C[White 110 was a good cut. The Black South East group must now find a second eye.];B[og];W[ni];B[oh]LB[qh:A][nn:B][ok:C]C[White played A. If White played B or C,](;W[qh];B[mh]C[Black isolated the White Apex group. Black was going for the kill.];W[go]C[The peep of White 116 was a mistake. ];B[gn];W[fn];B[fo];W[gm];B[hn];W[hm];B[in]C[Black 117 to 123 reduced White's eye space.];W[im]LB[nn:A][hk:B]C[Black thougth White 124 was a mistake. White's Apex group was alive if White played at B. However, if Black played B.](;B[nn]LB[he:A][of:B]C[Black 125 was a big mistake. Black's South East group was already alive. Black shoud have played at A or B instead.];W[mo];B[oo];W[pq];B[qp];W[of]C[Because of Black's mistake, White started reducing Black's Apex territory.];B[lg]C[Maybe Black 131 was too slow and solid.];W[mf];B[ne];W[nf];B[lf];W[me];B[nd];W[md];B[mc];W[pe];B[he](;W[fd];B[cc]C[Black invaded immediately with 143. However, this does not seem enough for Black to win.];W[cd];B[db];W[bc];B[bb];W[bd];B[fb];W[gb];B[ab];W[dc];B[cb];W[fc];B[eb];W[eh]C[White 156 was too greedy and probably the losing move.];B[ei];W[eg];B[fi];W[cg];B[bh];W[bg]C[White 162 was also a big mistake. White should have defended at F10 or H9.];B[fj]C[Black 163 killed White's Apex group! A big turn around!];W[ek];B[fk];W[el];B[gk];W[hk];B[gl];W[hl];B[ok]C[Black 171 removed another possible eye for White.];W[aj]C[White 172 was futile.];B[bk];W[ah];B[bi];W[ai];B[bj];W[en];B[em];W[fm];B[ff]C[The game was over. Black killed White's Apex group.];W[fg];B[gg];W[ef];B[fe];W[ee];B[ak];W[ag];B[gr];W[fr];B[bm];W[bn];B[an];W[ao];B[am];W[lb];B[mb];W[lc];B[ld];W[kb];B[do];W[bp];B[rp];W[sq];B[sp];W[rs];B[re];W[qb];B[pb];W[qc];B[pd];W[pc];B[ob];W[qe];B[rc];W[rf];B[id];W[ic];B[gd];W[gc];B[ec];W[ed];B[ac];W[ad];B[mr];W[nr];B[ms];W[ns];B[ks];W[gs];B[hs];W[fs];B[dh];W[dg];B[ga];W[ha];B[fa];W[sn];B[ep];W[cq];B[op];W[oq];B[la];W[ma];B[na];W[ka];B[ma];W[se];B[rd];W[sd];B[sc];W[sf];B[le];W[oe];B[od];W[mg];B[lp];W[ng];B[lh];W[jn];B[hd];W[sm];B[]LB[lq:A][lp:B][no:C][lo:D][ql:E][pl:F][oj:G][cj:H][mh:I][im:J][nn:K][of:L][he:M][cc:N][eh:O][bg:P][fj:Q]C[Black won by 85.5 points. White was winning from opening to early endgame because Black was not able to take advantage of the thickness in the center. Black should keep more attention to the power of walls and thickness and to proper direction of play. Black A was too low, Black should have played A at B. After White C, Black should have played D to emphasize the center. After White invaded with E, Black should have plaed F at G and fought with the support of the thickness. Black's wall became useful when White made an Apex group with H. Black sealed in the White Apex group with I. However, White's Apex group lived with J. Black K was a big mistake and could have been the losing move. Black should have played K at L or M. However, it might not have been enough for Black to win even after the succesful invasion of Black N. White's greedy move of at O and mistake at P led to White's downfall. Black was lucky to win this game after killing the White Apex group with Q. Despite the mistakes and inefficiency of Black's group, the opening still became vital to Black's win.])(;W[]TR[js][on][qn][qo][pb][qc][rc][sc][sb][rb][qb][qa][ra][sa][pa][ob][oa][je][ie][if][jf][kf][kg][kh][ki][jh][jg][ih][hh][hg][ig][hf][gp][ho][io][ip][jq][hr][ir][hq][hs][is]SQ[nr][gk][gl][hl][hk][ik][an][bn][bo][ao][am][ap][bp][cp][cq][bq][aq][ar][br][cr][dr][dq][er][es][ds][bs][cs][as][rl][sk][sj][ri][si][sh][rh][sg][rg][nj][sr][ss][rs][qs][ps][or][os]C[CountingBlack (Triangle) PairsNE - 6.5A - 8.5SE - 1.5S - 6.5Total - 23White (Square) PairsSW - 11A - 3E - 4.5SE - 4Total - 22.5 + 5 more prisoners + 6.5 komiBlack was behind by about 12.5 points. Black was losing. White still had a potential on the North West, but Black was aiming at C17 invasion.]))(;B[hk];W[bj]C[White 126 aims at connecting to White's South West group.];B[bl];W[bh];B[bg];W[ci]LB[dh:A][ah:B]C[A or B White lives.](;B[dh];W[ai]C[White lives.])(;B[ah];W[dh];B[cg];W[ei];B[eh];W[fi];B[fk];W[gk];B[ek];W[hl]C[White lives.])))(;W[nn];B[ok]LB[nj:A][nk:B]C[Black is alive with A. Black can win the ko fight after B.](;W[nj];B[nl]C[Black is alive.])(;W[nk];B[nl];W[om];B[ol];W[on];B[nj];W[lh];B[ki];W[oj];B[qh];W[ri];B[nj]LB[rp:A][oq:B][nr:C][sn:D]C[Black still had ko threats at A, B, C , and D, that will probably lead to another ko. This ko looks unfavourable for Black though, but maybe Black can win this.]))(;W[ok];B[nn];W[mo];B[oo]C[Black is alive.]))(;W[]TR[js][pa][pb][qb][qa][ra][rb][sb][sa][sc][rc][qc][hr][hs][is][ir][hq][jq]SQ[ss][er][es][ds][dr][cr][cs][bs][br][ar][as][aq][bq][bp][ap][ao][bo][cp][cq][dq][an][bn][am][gn][hn][gl][gm][hm][hl][gk][hk][ik][rh][sh][ri][si][sj][sk][rl][or][nr][ns][os][ps][qs][rs]C[CountingBlack (Triangle) PairsNE - 5.5S - 3.5SE - 4Total - 13 + Potential in the ApexWhite (Square) PairsSW - 11SE - 4E - 3.5Total - 17.5 + Potential in the North West + 6.5 KomiThe captures at this point cancel. White is behind by at least 15 points. Black needed at least 20 points in the center. It still looked possible for Black to win at this point.]))(;B[oj];W[ol];B[nn];W[mn];B[nm];W[nl];B[mm]C[Black should have welcomed this fight. White has at least two weak groups to worry about. If Black can play A, White will have to worry about three weak groups.]))(;B[lo];W[jo];B[lr];W[jm];B[lm]C[This looks like a better variation for Black. White can attack White with the wall. White has two weak groups to take care. Black is confident to gain profit.]))(;W[]TR[qn][pb][qb][rb][ra][qa][pa][rc][sc][sb][sa][qc][jq][iq][ir][jr][hq][qo][ro][rn]SQ[ps][am][bm][bn][an][ao][bo][bp][ap][aq][bq][cq][dq][dr][cr][br][ar][as][bs][ds][cs][er][es][nr][os][ns]C[CountingBlack (Triangle) PairsNE - 5.5SE - 2S - 2.5Total - 9.5 + Potential in the Apex.White (Square) PairsSW - 11SE - 2Total - 13 + Potential in the North West + 6.5 KomiBlack was behind by 10.5 points. Despite the potential in the Apex, Black felt White had the lead because it was White's turn and White's potential in the North West. ]))(;W[kp];B[lp];W[lo];B[kq];W[jp];B[jq];W[ip];B[iq];W[ho]C[This continuation looks bad for Black.]))(;B[lo];W[qn];B[qo];W[pn];B[qq]C[This looks more consistent for Black.]))(;W[qq];B[pq];W[qp];B[po];W[pr];B[or];W[qr];B[oq];W[qn];B[om];W[qm];B[gq]C[Black will be happy with this board formation.]))(;B[lp];W[no];B[pn];W[pr];B[qq];W[lr];B[ln]C[Maybe this will be better for Black.]))(;W[gq];B[hq];W[gp];B[go];W[ho]C[Black is willing to fight here]))(;B[gp];W[gq];B[hp];W[hq];B[jp]C[Black felt this variation would be too good for White, taking a big South West corner easily.]))(;W[fq];B[gq];W[eq];B[gp];W[dn];B[kq];W[gn];B[ci]C[Black will be satisfied with this formation.])(;W[dn];B[dq];W[cq];B[eq];W[cr];B[iq];W[cj]C[Black will also be satisified with this formation.]))(;W[qj];B[fq];W[cn];B[qm];W[qg];B[jp]C[Black wanted this variation.])(;W[qn];B[qj];W[nq];B[oo];W[qq];B[qp];W[pq];B[mp];W[mq];B[lp];W[lq];B[kp]C[Black will also be satisfied with this variation.]))
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