Gokifu is а rapidly growing resource.
The main aim is to provide help in learning of the most exciting game - Weiqi,Igo,Go,Baduk
You can always get fresh games from Gokifu

Domain name Gokifu.com was registered at the end of February 2010
The first design of Gokifu appeared 2 weeks later
Now Gokifu has the following features :
  - Animated gif files of the game examples
  - Pdf files for printing
  - Handle input file encoding and recoding to utf-8
  - Autconverting from ngf->sgf,gib->sgf,go->sgf,ugi->sgf
  - User registration
  - Marking Favorite games
  - Uploading and keeping of Your own games
And many other exciting features.

Please send Your suggestions and comments to Gokifu: e-mail info@gokifu.com
You can help Gokifu by translating into Your native language using a language toolkit langpack.zip
Author of Gokifu: Vasily Yevstygnyeyev